Just north of Phoenix, enjoy a 45-minute hot air balloon ride over the Sonoran Desert. Once you arrive, watch as your balloon inflates. After your flight, relax with a champagne breakfast served on picnic tables with linens. Rides are shared with up to 20 travelers on board. This activity does take up to 4 hours.

Begin your adventure by meeting your crew just north of Phoenix about 30 minutes before sunrise for this 4-hour experience. Take a short van ride to the launch area for this scenic flight.

After you arrive, experience the inflation of the balloon by motorized fans as it grows to an enormous 11 stories tall. If the winds are favorable, you may get to go inside the balloon as it is inflated to get some amazing photos. Once the envelope is filled with air, the propane burners are ignited to heat the air inside. It takes about thirty minutes before you are ready for flight.

Join your pilot in the hand-crafted, oversized wicker basket with plenty of room for everyone to enjoy the 45-minute ride. As you takeoff, admire how light the balloon feels. During the flight, you have an unobstructed view to take excellent photographs.

Flying close to the ground, hear and see the sights and sounds of desert life. Jackrabbits, quail, roadrunners, and coyotes are commonly spotted. Your pilot will point out the exotic desert plant life below and descend to within inches of trees and cacti.

Upon landing, be greeted with flutes of champagne and breakfast. First-time riders will be treated to the legendary ceremony that balloonists all over the world have been sharing for more than two centuries. Finally, be inducted into the ballooning society and awarded the Certificate d'Ascension en Machine Aereostatique.

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