This Photography Tour through Sedona will take you to special and unique locations where our guide will assist you in capturing photographs which will be more beautiful, more interesting, more creative, and more original than ever before! We not only take you to these sites for great photographs, but we also help you see unique photo opportunities, help you compose your picture, and help you set your camera setting so you end up with great images you will be proud to share with friends and print as art. We transport you to these locations locations where you will spend 45 minutes to 2 hours at each (depending on conditions and interest in each site), we provide you with lunch and snacks, and we assist you with your photography.'This tour includes transportation from Phoenix to Sedona.

You will be picked up in Phoenix at the Deer Valley Park-and-Ride. Enjoy a scenic drive to Sedona where you will begin your photography tour with great and instructive conversation about photography and tips which can improve your images, then we will be making stops at 3 or 4 sites where your guide will assist you in getting exciting and display-worthy photographs which will be more beautiful, more creative, and more original than you have been taking before.

These trips start early in the morning to get the best light. You will be supplied all transportation, water and meals throughout your excursion. You will also have access during your ride to your tour guide to answer questions and help even more.

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