Hop in, buckle up, and hit the trail on a UTV ride in the Sonoran Desert, from Phoenix. Experience the'dexterity of the Kawasaki Teryx4, a four-seater with electric power steering that can be filled to capacity and still climb trails, crawl boulders, and zip all over the desert without breaking a sweat. Pricing is per vehicle, based on a maximum of four'people.

After hotel pickup in Phoenix in the morning or afternoon, you're taken to a trailhead in the'Sonoran Desert where your half-day expedition begins.'Whether you're craving adventure or simply want to sightsee at your own pace, this Kawasaki Teryx4 UTV is dialed in to deliver. With electric power steering, a thrilling V-Twin engine, and towing capacity to take everything with you, the exhilarating drive handles like a dream. The UTVs have been revamped to make your off-roading excursion'the most comfortable.

The tour operator has express permission from the Bureau of Land Management and the US Government/Tonto National Forest to operate tours in this region. Your'guided UTV adventure can operate on two main trails: Four Peaks and Rocks & Ruins. The route'includes roughly'25 miles (40 km) of unmaintained off-road trails and may vary based on your'driving ability.

Your journey awaits where the pavement ends.

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